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School / Sports News - June 26, 2017

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Kierstyn Cunningham is pictured baking a batch of the 80 dozen that she sold to pay her way through band camp at Kansas State University this Spring.

Kierstynís Cookie Jar

By Jessica Wright

The Gyp Hill Premiere

Kierstyn Cunningham, Medicine Lodge 7th grader, is an industrious young woman with the drive to do anything she desires. When her band teacher, Mrs. Wallace, told her about band camp this summer, Kierstyn was very excited to find a way to go. So, she approached her parents, Ryan and Karen Cunningham, and said, "I really want to go to band camp, but donít worry, Iíll raise the money for it." That is exactly what she did. Kierstyn attended band camp at Kansas State University June 11th through the 15th and had so much fun sheís decided to go again in the years to come.

When Kierstyn decided that she was going to pay her own way to band camp, she had to figure out a way to raise the money. When kids started selling slime during the school year, she thought, "Why not sell cookies?" Her cookies were an immense success. She stated, "I love baking, it was the scooping that was the hardest." Being a bit of a perfectionist with her cookies, it was time consuming to use the scoop, and then scrape off the excess. However, the time and thought she put into baking her cookies paid off. "Itís amazing how many kids ordered from her," exclaimed Karen, Kierstynís mom.

Kierstyn baked peanut butter cookies, chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal cookies, and general favorite, monster cookies. "I learned how to pick up after myself and I learned a lot at band camp," stated Kierstyn. Karen joked, "She learned how to do dishes properly." Kierstyn stated that she also learned just how easy it is to earn the money when you put forth the effort for the things you want.

"We are so thankful for the people who ordered and helped her get there," stated Karen. Kierstyn baked every cookie on her own, showing her maturity and ability to be industrious and business minded. Donít worry, if you didnít get a chance to grab some cookies this time, Kierstyn plans to do this every year to pay for band camp. Sheís even come up with a name for her venture; Kierstynís Cookie Jar. "Sheís really taught me that it is possible to do things like this. So, in the future when one of the other children want something, we can ask, Ďwhat can we make.í" For such a young woman to take on such responsibility and drive to earn the things she desires is quite amazing. Kierstyn has set a positive example for not only her peers, but her siblings as well. "Donít give up on raising enough money," said Kierstyn, "itís worth it."


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